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Press These 2 Points Near Your Hips To Eliminate Lower Back Pain, Hip Pain, Leg Pain, Sciatica

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Among the most usual causes of lower back pain are twisting the wrong way, strained back muscle, lifting a heavy object, or just the genetics. The severity of the pain that you could feel may vary from mild to intense. You might feel tingling or burning sensation in one or in the both of your legs.

As the conventional pain killers are only able to temporarily reduce the pain, the lower back pain sufferers are constantly seeking for some solution for their uncomfortable pain, in the alternative medicine.

A very effective and natural way to promote relaxation and wellness, and to treat diseases is the ancient Chinese medical practice which is known as acupressure. This practice helps restore health and balance to the body by just applying pressure, or simply massaging specific pressure points on the body. Our body has hundreds of acupuncture points, and while many of them provide the same benefits, pressing every point gives something unique too.

Today, we will tell you which acupuncture points are able to help reduce the pain in the lower back, besides helping in numerous other health conditions.

There are two acupressure points that will help you relieve your lower back pain.

They are B48 and GB30, as they are shown on the image.

Massaging the first acupuncture point is going to reduce hip pain, sciatica, and pain in the sacral area.

However, you have to make sure you massage very carefully because B48 could be very sensitive and inflamed in those people who already suffer from back pain.

Massaging the acupuncture point which is called GB30, will reduce the pain in the lower back, buttocks, hip, sciatica, hip joint, and muscle spasms

What Else Could These Points Help With?

Massaging the B48 spot is also helpful in treating diabetes and diarrhea. On the other hand, the GB30 point is able to help with leg pain and also with hemiplegia (which is a complete paralysis of half of the body).

What Else to Do to Reduce Lower Back Pain?

Besides this amazing and simple acupuncture method, there are also some other things that you can do in order to relieve your lower back pain.

You can apply ice pack on the affected area, move around and avoid sitting position in order to prevent tightening of the muscles and muscle spasms.

10 Tricks to Beat The Sciatic Pain Without Taking Harmful Painkillers and Drugs!

Moreover, doing exercises that have the ability to strengthen the muscles around the sore area could help in reducing and also in preventing the lower back pain. You should avoid wearing high heels (above an inch) because this could improve your posture and your lower back condition.

Finally, when it comes to treating and preventing lower back pain, maintaining a normal weight is also recommended.

So, you can significantly improve your health condition by doing some not so difficult massage and regular exercising. The important thing is to be persistent, to not give up and you will definitely see positive results.


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