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Spider veins is a term which describes swollen and twisted veins that resemble a branched tree and usually appear on the legs. The condition occurs due to a number of factors, and affects women more than men. In general, spider veins are a simple aesthetic problem, but sometimes, they may indicate a variety of cardiovascular diseases. Unless medical treatment is necessary, it’s best to treat the condition naturally.


Spider veins on the legs usually have a deep blue color, although they can be red and purple as well. Spider veins are not the same as varicose veins. Angioectasis (spider veins) is a different condition in which smaller veins become visible on the skin’s surface. Besides the legs, they can also appear on the face.

AS we mentioned, there’s a number of factors that cause the appearance of spider veins. The most usual factors are genetics, hormonal imbalance, being overweight, constant use of contraceptives, poor blood circulation or standing prolonged for a long period. Although there are a few treatments for the problem, there are also numerous natural remedies that can help. Here are the best:

Apple cider vinegar

According to a recent study, ACV can indeed reduce the appearance of spider veins. The study examined a small group of patients that applied ACV on the affected areas, while another group used a common medical treatment. After 3 months, the results showed that ACV successfully treated the problem without any side-effects.

To use ACV against the condition, you need to dip a towel in ACV and wrap it on the affected area and leave it to work 15-20 minutes. Repeat the process twice a day until you see the spider veins disappear. For best results, you should also drink ACV every day. Just add a teaspoon of it in a cup of warm water, and drink the beverage twice a day before meals. In just a month or two, you will experience significantly reduced inflammation in the veins.

Witch hazel

Witch hazel is a healthy herb rich in tannins and volatile oils that can easily treat spider veins. This herb possesses anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce the inflammation in your veins and make them disappear. You can either use witch hazel extract or prepare your own witch hazel tea. Put a few leaves of the herb in some water and boil the mixture, then strain the tea and dip a cotton ball in it. Apply the ball on the spider veins a few times a day and they will go away soon.

Lemon oil

Lemon oil is a powerful anti0inflammatory agent that can relieve inflammation and strengthen your capillary walls. Mix some of the oil with a carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut oil, then apply the mixture directly on the affected area.

Horse chestnut seeds

Horse chestnut seeds are usually used combined with witch hazel for treatment of spider veins. They can keep your capillary walls intact and prevent the harmful action of some enzymes that can damage the walls. Add 1 part of horse chestnut seeds and 10 parts of witch hazel in some water and boil the mixture, then use it on the affected area.

Mustard oil

Applying a few drops of mustard oil on the affected area a couple of times a day can reduce the appearance of spider veins. The oil will boost your circulation and successfully treat the problem.

Besides using these herbs, you also need to stay physically active and use supplements every day in order to prevent spider veins. Here are a few supplements which can help:


Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that can boost your circulation throughout the body. However, it can also interfere with some medications, so we suggest consulting a doctor first. Add ginger in your meals in order to benefit from the root.

Horse chestnut

Take 250 gr. of horse chestnut supplement a day until you see the veins retreating.

Gingko Biloba

40 mg. of Gingko Biloba extract taken every day can boost your circulation and reduce the appearance of spider veins.

If these natural remedies do nothing against the problem, it’s time to change your lifestyle. If your job requires spending most of your time on your legs or you’re stuck sitting on a desk all day long, you need move more frequently. Avoid crossing your legs when sitting, or if you’re standing for a while, balance your weight from one leg to another often. Exercise every day and pay special attention to your legs, and avoid wearing high heels as much as possible.

If the problem has worsened over time, you need to wear compression thighs. Add some cayenne pepper, onions and garlic in your diet to boost your blood flow, and elevate your legs when lying down at least 3 times a day for 15 minutes.

Source: http://www.healthylifevision.com

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