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If You Don’t Want Your Kids To Be Ill-Mannered You Have To Stop Making These 5 Errors!

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Many children have temper tantrums and they are misbehaving, and very often the parents are not even aware of that and cannot recognize that problem.

All parents should be aware of the fact that if they don’t react properly on such little actions and behaviors, over time that could bring about certain consequences in the children’s live.

Mrs. Emma Jenner, the famous woman well-known for her show on TLC “Take Home Nanny”, had revealed 5 specific behaviors of current parents that eventually would suffer some consequences.

According to Emma, it is essential the parents to start demanding more from their kids, that means the parents should expect more from them. For example, the parents can include them in their endeavors and difficulties in order to give the children less and so to force the children to get themselves going. Various challenges are also going to have positive impact.



Example: When the child requires to drink milk from a different cup, and not the usual one, many parents make mistake and they immediately start looking for some another cup for the milk instead of ignoring their wish. The reason why the parents agree to change the cup is out of fear that the child is going to cry and will refuse to eat.

According to Emma, that is a very big mistake. Why are you afraid? Is your child the one that should be in command of the both of you? The parents should let their children cry and simply go somewhere else if you don’t want to hear that. The parent should never let the children spoiling every single one of the wishes along the way. It is very important to think about what message you are going to send to your kid if you give to him all it wants, just because it is crying. You need to do something about that.

Making excuses (“That´s how children are”)

Parents must never justify the misbehavior and outbursts of the children in public using the phrase “That´s how children are” because on that way you are motivating them to continue with that misbehaving and to be irresponsible.

Emma explains that the children are capable to do much more than their parents can expect. For example, manners, respect, generosity, everyday domestic work and self-control. Do you think that your kid can’t set the table by himself unless you order him to?

Your child certainly can do that. The parent should raise the expectations that they have for their children, as on that way you are going to teach them how to behave properly.

You don’ let others scold them

This is so bad. The teachers and the professors could scold our children when they behaved improperly.

All parents should be aware of the fact that the teachers are their eyes and ears when their children are not in theirsight. Unfortunately, today it’s almost impossible the teachers or an employee to scold or to give a piece of their mind to a child, as the majority of the parents easily gets ma. Actually, many parents are not even interested to find out what actually caused this kind of a reaction from a superior. If the parents act like this, you basically are sending a message to your children to misbehave and neither you, nor the teacher, or employee isgoing to do anything to stop the child.

Children come in the first place

It’s quite understandable by nature’s work that we, the parents, tend to look after the children, sometimes even too much. According to Emma, regardless of the fact that it’s good for evolution, parents should create a timetable adaptable to the children’s needs, such as the food, nursing,clothes, and others.

Emma says that nowadays many parents are taking it to another level, by exposing their own obligations and mental health to children, in order to satisfy all their requests and needs. All parents should be aware of the fact that they simply can’t give to their children everything they want, and when they want. Parents can’t burst out running for everything that their child asks for. Keep in mind that such behavior could take your peace but also your health away, because that is really stressful and above all, that is going to indicate to your children that they are the ones that are in control.

Unless if there is some emergency of any kind nothing is going to happen to your child just because you decided to take some time for yourself. Nothing bad is going to happen if you just say – NO.

They use to take advantage of the shortcuts

Emma explains that nowadays many parents resort to a series of shortcuts only to avoid their children getting bored and thus start misbehaving. For that purpose, the parents buy various electronic devices and they use them whenever they are waiting for a doctor’s appointment, boarding on a plane,waiting for a bus, or doing some daily duties such as cooking and cleaning the house. Parents should teach their children how to be patient. Children have to learn how to amuse themselves on their own.

Another very important thing that parents have to learn the children is that the food is not going to be ready and served whenever they want it to be. They can also help in the kitchen, not with actual cooking, but with doing the dishes or setting the table. The parent shouldn’t set off running like a crazy person just because their child fell over. He or she must figure out how to get up on their own. On that way the child is going to become stronger.

Source: http://www.healthymagazine365.com

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