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Whole Life You Are Cleaning Your Butt Wrong: Change The Habit Before It’s Too Late, Here’s How!

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Over the years we evolved a lot as a civilization, and we are still evolving and advancing in numerous fields, especially in the field of the personal hygiene. We feel like everything that we do to keep ourselves clean is good, but you will be surprised to you find out that we do many things wrong.

For example, going in the bathroom is very simple – you finish your job and then wipe yourselves clean. There is nothing wrong with that, right? Well, according to some recent studies, we have been cleaning our butts wrong our whole life!


Wiping the butt from the bottom up is causing bacteria from the feces to come up front and to infect the private parts. Wiping with toilet paper is also wrong– it just smears feces all over the behind. The proper way to do this is to clean your butts with water after defecating. Surprisingly, this solution has been present for decades. We are talking about the bidet that has been used for some time,however people have forgotten it in the last few decades.

Using a bidet is very convenient because you just can’t take a shower every time you poop. In addition to its cleaning purpose, if you use a bidet you are also protecting the planet.

According to the statistics, only the USA uses more than 35 billion rolls of toilet paper each year, with their production which requires 1.7 trillions of water and more than 250 tons of chlorine. And all that for a piece of paper to wipe your butt! Stop wasting so many natural resources and invest in a bidet – it’s certainly a much better choice!

Source: http://www.healthylifevision.com

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