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9 Signs You’re Over-Stressed (And Don’t Know It)

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Stress is not called the “silent killer” for no reason. Being overstressed could cause many health problems and pains that won’t be resolved until you get to the underlying problem. We rarely recognize the symptoms of the stress until they flare up and often it’s too late to reverse the damage that has already been done.

WebMD for the stress says “…any change in the environment that requires the body to react and adjust in response. Your body reacts to these changes with physical, emotional, and mentalresponses. Stress is a normal part of ourlives. Many events that have happened to you and around you — and lots of things that you do— put stress on your body. You might experience good or bad forms of stress from your environment, your thoughts, andyour body”.

Here are the 9 main signs that are showing that you are under a lot of stress:

  1. Your body is in pain

We rarely listen to the body until it starts screaming from pain. When you are overstressed, the body begins to break down, and that is causing many digestive problems, heart palpitations and tense muscles. Your arthritis is going to flare up, you are going to experience splitting headaches and your body is going to be in pain. Don’t ignore these symptoms and try to resolve the underlying problem of your stress if you want to stay healthy.

  1. You are not sleeping well

Any type of problem with your sleeping patterns could be a sign of too much stress. If you are suffering from insomnia and can’t go to sleep as a result of too much stress, you should resolve it or your life is going to get worse before you know it. Try yoga or some other meditation techniques, and start eating a healthy diet and exercise each day in order to deal with your stress and be able to sleep well again.

  1. Weight changes

Stress can even affect the weight – it could slow down your metabolism and make you to gain weight, but the constant worries could also cause you weight loss. A change in the appetite shows a change in the emotional and physical state, and not addressing the problemis going to make things worse. Food is the energy for our body, and what we put in our stomach is a sign of how we handle the stress. How we treat our body is based on our mental capacity to deal with stress, so make sure to manage it before things spin out of control.

  1. You can’t stop thinking about work or problems

If you are unable to fall asleep at night because you are worrying about your work or your problems, it is definitely a sign of being overstressed. However, worrying is not going to help – as the great Mark Twain said, “Worrying is like paying a debt you don’t owe.” With worrying you are not going to resolve the problem – it will only escalate things. If you are constantly checking your phone or mail for work, it is a sign that you need to face the exact problem and resolve the suffocating stress.

  1. You can stand still

Not being able to stay still is definitely one sign of being overstressed. If a walk or watching a movie is not helping youto relax, you should address the underlying cause of the stress. Remember – the mind is the worst enemy, so manage your anxiety and fears so as to stay healthy, both physically and emotionally. Constant stress is going to wear you down and push the things further deep inside of you, until you start feeling some pain.

  1. You don’t have patience with others

One of the most important symptoms of being overstressed is the incapacity to have patience with others. In this type of situation, our loved ones usually receive the most wrath. When this is the case, you probably are tormented by stress, so it’s just the time to ask for help and slow down a little bit.

  1. Major mood swings

When the stress takes over your body, it affects the mental health. If you are happy one moment and then you’re sad the next, your hormones are definitely affected by the stress. Bottling things inside is not going to help you, and it’s the main cause why you are feeling that way. This might hurt the relationships with your loved ones and improve your mental disorders and anxiety. Being overstressed could also cause obsessive compulsive disorders and alcohol and drug addictions.

  1. Hair loss

Carolyn Jacob, MD, says that hair loss is one of the major signs of being overstressed. “Usually, people shed around 100 hairs a day. Most people don’t even notice this. Sometimes, a significant type of stress could spark a change in your body’s routine physiological functions, and cause a unbalanced number of hairs to go into the resting phase at the same time. Then after 3-4 months, and sometimes longer, all those resting hairs are shed. The effect might be alarming. The types of events that are disrupting the normal hair cycle might be caused by the substantial physiological stresses on your body.” In case you have been experiencing hair loss recently, you should try to reduce your stress and your condition is going to improve.

  1. Loss of libido

The loss of libido is among the things that people usually don’t relate with stress. However, when the stress levels are rising, the stress hormone secretion that is responsible for the sexual response could get affected, causing exhaustion and inability to experience intimacy. If you are suffering from this problem, you have to reduce your stress, and you can do that with meditation techniques or some type of relaxation. Your partner should not be affected by this problem – just express your concerns and fears and talk to them so as to overcome the problem.

Source: http://www.healthylifevision.com

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