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Apple Cider Vinegar for Warts

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Warts are for sure  the most typical   skin problem that can appear on different places on the body. Anyway they mostly develop on feet ,hands and genitals.

Whether they become visible as single or in groups, their surface is harsh with a black dot in its middle.


There are many cures for warts and  apple cider vinegar is among the most powerful ones and it gives positive result. However, before you apply  apple cider vinegar on your warts, at the beginning,  we shall know about the signs and what causes them.

Causes of Warts

In fact, Human Papilloma virus is the reason for their appearance. HPV is literally  a general name  for  above 60 groups of warts that come out over the whole  body. Certain types of HPV can also cause a high possibility of various kinds of cancer . However, the types that are responsible for warts (HPV 6 and 11) are not the same ones that cause cancer (HPV 16, 18, 31, 33, 52 and 58).

Symptoms of Warts

Here are the most common signs of warts:

  • Round or oval bumps on the skin
  • Feels rough on touch
  • Pink or white tan of the skin

Types of Warts

The American Academy of Dermatology states that  there are 3 kinds of  warts that usually appear, such as common, plantar, and flat. They are typified by their place of growth on the body  and their physical characteristics.

Common Warts: They are small, flesh-colored, hard warts that mostly grow in areas where the skin has been damaged.  They usually have a black dot like a seed in the middle and because of this they are also called seed warts.

However, what looks like a seed is not a seed in fact; it’s only a dot. The blood vessels that supply blood to warts are responsible for its formation. They are mostly like tiny, harsh bumps.

Plantar Warts: The plantar warts are gray or brown, seedy, hard warts which usually grow in the
area of the foot which is weight – bearing. The plantar warts don’t come out through the skin because they are  pressured all the time by walking  which is a different case than that of the common warts.

They are the reason for  stinging  pain sometimes and can also extend and form  groups which are named “mosaic warts” . When you have plantar warts  it is the same feeling like that of having pebbles in your shoes.

Flat Warts: These are small, gray, brown, or flesh-colored warts that are appear in groups from 20 to 50 and sometimes to100. They mostly grow on the  neck, face, and chest. Men are likely to experience flat warts on the bearded area whereas  women can develop them  on their shaved legs. Their size is really small and they are commonly smooth from the outside.

As there is a big number of different kinds of  other of warts and there are skin issues that are similar to the warts it is advisable to  consult a doctor because it could be a sign of a more serious condition such as a skin cancer.

Are Warts Contagious?

It is true, warts have contagious nature. You can develop warts only if you are physically in contact with somebody’s wart or if you touch things that have been touched by warts such as towels and bath mats.

Warts can be transmitted to parts of the body which haven’t been affected by the virus. So you should know that you mustn’t shave the surface of a wart with a shaver  because the virus will be transmitted the shaver and then to  other body parts.

Home Remedy for Warts

Scientists  have discovered cures for medical conditions that are among the most dangerous ones, but they still haven’t found a powerful remedy for warts. Therefore , the one who have them can only choose between  two solutions: either to ask for  a dermatologist’s help or  to try the home remedies.

If you choose to get rid of your warts with the aid of a dermatologist, you will have to prepare a larger sum of money. Moreover, you risk to experience some unpleasant consequences as a result of the process of removing the wart by burning, freezing or cutting it

On the contrary, homemade cures have been of a great help to people who got rid of warts without any bad consequences.

Anyway, you should  bear in mind  that before you try eliminate warts at home, you have  to assure yourself  if they are warts indeed , or moles or any other kind of lesion, which may be  cancerous. Therefore  it is essential for you to ask a doctor about it before you try to get rid of it at your home.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Warts?

When cures for warts are being discussed, the apple cider vinegar is a remedy that many people prefer. You can make use of the apple cider vinegar in different ways to pull out a wart.

At the beginning, we will explain to you the way the apple cider functions to eliminate warts and then we will look at various apple cider vinegar cures.

According to common opinions apple cider vinegar does destroys the HPV which is the reason  for the appearance of warts. In fact this is not true!! Namely,  the acid in apple cider vinegar acts on the area with warts , converts it to  black, and in the end it removes the wart from the skin together  with the

So, let’s now go through  a number of procedures removing warts by apple cider vinegar

Method 1: Apple Cider Vinegar and Water


  • Apple cider vinegar – 2 tbsp
  • Water – 1 tbsp
  • Cotton ball – 1
  • Bandage or duct tape


  1. Mix apple cider vinegar with water ( 3 : 1 )
  2. Rub this solution on the area with a wart with a cotton ball.
  3. Cover the area with bandage or tape or bandage.
  4. Remove the bandage the next morning.
  5. Repeat this remedy for a few weeks to get rid of warts.
  6. After a few days, warts will start turning black and will finally fall off, leaving a small mark on the skin that will eventually disappear.

Method 2: Apple Cider Vinegar and Warm Water Solution


  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Warm water


  1. Mix equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and warm water in a large container.
  2. Swamp the affected area in this dilution for around 10-15 minutes each day.
  3. Wash the affected area with some fresh water after keeping it submerged.
  4. This method is very useful if you have warts on your extremities.

Method 3: Apple Cider Vinegar Bath


  • Lukewarm water – a bucket
  • Apple cider vinegar – 5 to 8 tbsp


  1. Put 5-8 tbsp of apple cider vinegar into a container of lukewarm water.
  2. Bathe two times daily with this to get eliminate warts.
  3. Not only that it removes warts but the apple cider vinegar bath also lowers the possibility of getting warts.

Note: Acetic acid is a potent acid. It is  the main constituent  of apple cider vinegar too. Once you have noticed that the healthy skin around the wart is going red during the treatment t with apple cider vinegar, you can lower the amount of vinegar only by an extra addition of water.

Petroleum jelly can also be rubbed on   the warts before you use apple cider vinegar to protect the skin from turning red.

When you remove  warts from the skin, there is a possibility that  there will be a kind of scar at the spot.  Those scars  can be avoided by the apple cider vinegar remedy above.

Tips on Reducing the Chances of Getting Warts

Warts are hard to be prevented.  But , you can lower the risk  of growing and advancement of  warts. Here are various actions that you can take as a prevention for the development and spread of warts

  • It is vital that you wash your hands and purify the scratches or cuts on your hands every day.
  • If you are used to biting biting your fingernails or cuticles, don’t do it anymore. Biting causes an opening through which the HPV can go through the skin.
  • Choose fresh, clean towels in the gyms, usual  bathrooms, and other public places. Wear sandals with soles made of rubber or flip flops when you use public showers    to lower  the possibility  of getting a wart as much as possible.
  • Take care of your immunity so that it can fight against warts. To have a strong immune system , use sunflower seeds , garlic and potatoes to your daily menu.

Tips to Reduce Spreading of Warts

  • Warts can be transmitted and you can cause the wart to spread from one affected area to another one of your body. So, avoid rubbing , scratching , picking or shaving the skin with warts.
  • Keep a separate cleaning stone or nail clipper for the wart affected area and use only for that area.
  • Always wash your hands after you have touched a wart.
  • If you already have a wart, it is good to put a bandage over it avoid the possibility of spreading it because of touching.

Additional Tips

If you are convinced with the ability of apple cider vinegar to get rid of warts, here are some additional tips to ensure that the treatment is both effective and lasting.

  • Apple cider vinegar to eliminate warts . Anyway, many people have noticed some kind of pain or burning sensation after the application of apple cider vinegar
  • The pain/burning sensation is not strange, but you should see your doctor anyway if the pein is persistent and won’t go away.
  • Do not choose apple cider vinegar with low quality because it can make the whole thing very bad.
  • OTC treatment for your warts can cause scarring and chemical burns. So be careful with them as they can be the reason for scarring and chemical burns.

Most of the warts do not cause any pain and many of them go away without even being treated.

However, the process can last for  months and  even years. Therefore , You should get rid of the warts as quickly as you can and it is not because it does not look good but because it can infect your whole body and even other people

If you go to the  dermatologist for having your warts removed it is completely ok. But the process has its own disadvantages.  So you don’t actually need to bother so much . Just remove  your warts at home and be sure that you won’t experience any serious consequences.

Use the remedies that with apple cider vinegar which we have told you about previously  and do the preventions to keep your skin safe from warts.

Thanks you for your time. If this information was beneficial for you , share it with your friends and close family . In this way you will help other people.  We will be grateful to you for your sharing this post with which you will help us in our struggle to share free information.


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