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It is really hard to ignore a flow of good news about green tea. Results from a survey about green tea conducted on people who regularly consume it are fascinating. All of them are gathered here for you. Look!

It will help you lose weight.

If you firmly decide to lose weight, the green tea will be definitely your great ally. Studies have shown that this tea helps burning of calories, boosting your metabolism, and reduces fats in the blood, bad cholesterol, and it helps you to lose your appetite. So, if you want to lose weight healthy – drink green tea!

Increases endurance during exercises.

Science shows that antioxidants in green tea increases the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel, which means more muscle endurance, that is more energy during exercising.

Reduces the risk of heart attack.

Regularly drinking green tea do blood vessel cells healthier, and ensure a healthy and smooth flow of blood in the body, which means a healthy heart!

Fighter against various forms of cancer.

Antioxidants in green tea are proven fighters against many forms of cancer: lung, breast, colon, skin, stomach, pancreas, liver, prostate… It was confirmed that green tea extract causes the death of cancer cells and starve them so that takes the blood vessels that feed them.


Contrary to the standard belief that green tea causes additional need for water (dehydrates), it actually gives the body as much as water. Not only hydrates the body, green tea provides plenty of other healthy ingredients for the body that keeps it from dehydration.

Protects skin from the sun

You need protection against harmful UV radiation from the sun? Drink green tea! Research has shown that antioxidants in green tea act as the perfect protection from the sun or from diseases that harmful UV rays can cause.

Watches for your blood sugar level

Green tea may do wonders for people suffering from diabetes. Science says that this drink regulates blood glucose levels, thus slowing down the growth of blood sugar. Also, it stimulates insulin production and operation of the pancreas. Here it comes to the fore previously mentioned advantage of green tea, i.e. ability to maintain a proper and healthy blood flow.

Good for mental health

Polyphenols may help parts of the brain that regulate learning and memory. Therefore, this drink is also good for prevention of diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

Fighter against (premature) aging

Our arteries are as young and healthy as we are. Green tea i.e. healthy ingredients of green tea are great fighters against sediment in the blood vessels, a substance that increases the chances of heart disease and stroke, which makes us older than we are and it takes away our energy.

Boosts immunity

Polyphenols and flavonoids in green tea raise immunity and make our body healthier and more able to fight against the various viruses that lurk.

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