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Everyday habits related to diet are cheaters due to which we unconsciously gather weight.Do you want to get rid of a few calories without drastic diets? Write down 10 rules and stick to them.

Dilute juice with mineral water

Combine your favorite juice (half the usual amount) with plain or mineral water. In this way you can cut as much as 85 calories per glass and lose at least 2.3 kg yearly.

Review the information about the composition of ingredients

You thought that this sweet, bags of snacks or juice that you have just consumed contains 200 calories, but if you look carefully on the product label, you will find out a few more shocking information about hidden sugars and additives that you should remember.

Drink green tea before walking

The caffeine frees fatty acids, which facilitates burning excess fat. The effect is even greater when the polyphenols in green tea are combined with caffeine. However, if you have high blood pressure, avoid this tip.

Use olive oil instead of butter

You rather apply olive oil on bread than butter. It is healthier and it will help you to eat less. According to one study, participants who had dipped their bread in olive oil consumed 52 fewer calories than those who used butter.

Sprinkle flax seeds cereals

Flax seeds are high in fiber and can help to curb appetite and eliminate calories. Add them to your morning cereal and pour them into yogurt, you can also bake healthy biscuits with sesame and flax and nibble them at any time of the day.

Deceive the senses

Candy mint or eucalyptus can immediately stop the desire for food.

Spice up your meals

Add chili to your meals if you do not want to eat too often.

Do not over chop vegetables for a salad

Cut larger pieces of zucchini, celery, carrots and other ingredients for a salad rather than chopping them finely. It should be used a greater effort in their chewing, so that you will need to chew them more at the end and eat less.

Buy smaller packages

Although higher food packaging are cheaper, choose smaller boxes on store shelves because you, as one survey reveals, will eat even 44 percent less food.

Drink plenty of fluids

Dehydration can slow your metabolism around 3 percent. If a body weight is 68 kilograms, this would mean about 45 fewer calories a day, making a total of 2.3 kg of surplus annually. Therefore, drink more fluids!

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